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We guarantee 8 backlinks per campaign

How We Roll

Reactive PR
Trend Jacking
Got a pulse on what’s hot? So do we. We hitch your story to the shooting stars of Google and Twitter trends, making sure you’re not just seen but remembered.
Google Trends
Twitter Trends
World event
Expert Commentary
Be the Expert
Your brain’s bursting with insights—let’s flaunt it. We position you as the sage in your domain, crafting stories that showcase your expertise and draw in high-tier press.
Expert tips
Expert insight
Expert commentary
Data Campaigns
Data That Dazzles
Love data? We do too. Especially the kind that turns heads and wins clicks. We dig deep, uncovering stats and stories that make journalists do a double-take.
Goverment statistics
Data scraping
Proprietary data

They Trusted Us

From industry giants to niche heroes, we make sure the world knows your name.
Wales OnlineThe SunExpressDaily StarMSNMirrorYahoo - NewsMail OnlineAllrecipeslogoDaily Telegraph
Wales OnlineThe SunExpressDaily StarMSNMirrorYahoo - NewsMail OnlineAllrecipeslogoDaily Telegraph

“I wish I could keep service for myself, it’s that good!”


“Hipnode’s like finding the golden ticket—PR that actually delivers. They’re the secret weapon I wish I’d had from the start.”

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Foti Panagiotakopoulos
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We didn’t reinvent SEO, just link building

Link building as you know it is out the door.
Hipnode is like your in-house team of expert journalists who land amazing backlinks for you.
Buy 1 or several PR campaigns, we guarantee a minimum of 8 links per campaign but we usually overdeliver.
We will craft a newsworthy PR campaign for you website and pitch it to our huge database of journalists.
We’ll work night and day until you get a minimum of 8 links and you’re 100% happy.

It’s “You’ll never go back” better

Hipnode replaces unreliable link builders and expensive agencies for one flat fee, with A player results delivered so fast it'll blow your mind.
“Getting top-notch PR backlinks has positioned my business as a tech expert, outperforming competitors, which tremendously helped our growth.”
Harm Rietjens
CTO of
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“Landed impressive backlinks from reputable news outlets that I never thought accessible, this is beyond any of my expectations.”
Jonathan Kennedy
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Our simple pricing

We do one thing and we do it exceptionally well
Simple price
No hidden fees.
Per PR campaign
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What’s included:
1 PR campaign for 1 brand
8 PR links minimum guaranteed
Coverage in top news publications


What is Digital PR?
Digital PR, or Digital Public Relations, is the use of digital platforms and online communication channels to enhance a brand's online presence, reputation, and build trust.
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What does “PR campaign” mean?
A Public Relations (PR) campaign involves a series of activities that revolve around a specific goal. In our case, it's to earn impactful backlinks from top-tier news publications. We craft newsworthy pitches tailored specifically to your brand, which we then pitch to our vast network of journalists.
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What is a PR Link?
PR Links, short for Public Relations links, are hyperlinks from reputable and authoritative websites to your own. These links enhance your website's credibility and visibility, especially in search engines. We are experts at getting you these valuable links to boost your online reputation.
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Can you explain the process of Digital PR campaign development?
Sure thing! Our Digital PR process involves research, strategy development, content creation, outreach, and performance analysis. We customize every campaign to match our clients' individual goals and requirements.
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How can Digital PR benefit my business?
Digital PR can improve your online visibility, increase website traffic, boost brand authority, and help you connect with your target audience, ultimately leading to enhanced leads and sales.
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How many links can I expect from a campaign?
We guarantee a minimum of 8 links per campaign. However, we usually go beyond this and work tirelessly to deliver even more links.
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What industries do you serve?
We work with clients across various industries, from tech and healthcare to finance, lifestyle, education, and nonprofits.
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Why should I choose your service over other link building services?
We offer a unique and focused service where we craft newsworthy PR campaigns and pitch them to a big database of journalists. Unlike other link building services, our team consists of expert journalists who land you premium backlinks. Our approach replaces unreliable link builders and expensive agencies with a predictable flat fee.
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How do you determine the relevancy of the backlinks?
Our objective is to put you forward as an expert in your field, to earn links in high-tier press. We use reactive PR strategies, expert commentary, and data campaigns to ensure the links we earn are relevant and valuable to your business.
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What if I only require occasional PR campaigns?
You have the option to buy one or multiple PR campaigns whenever needed. We offer the flexibility for you to buy as many PR campaigns as you need based on your specific requirements. Whether you want a single campaign or multiple, the decision is all yours!
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How do I get started with your Digital PR agency?
Getting started is easy. Simply reach out to us through our contact page or here. We'll schedule a meeting to discuss your objectives and create a tailored plan to meet your needs.
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How long does it take to see results from a Digital PR campaign?
The timeframe for results can vary depending on the campaign's complexity and objectives. Generally, you may start to see initial results within a few days.
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How do you measure the success of a Digital PR campaign?
We measure success through key performance indicators (KPIs) such as media mentions, backlinks, and brand sentiment analysis.
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What happens if my campaign doesn't yield any backlinks?
We are committed to 100% satisfaction and we'll continue to work night and day until you get a minimum of 8 links and are entirely happy. If a campaign does not yield any backlinks, we re-evaluate and adjust the corresponding strategy until we secure at least 8 links for you.
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What's the pricing for your Digital PR services?
We keep things straightforward. Our pricing is a flat fee of $4,500 per campaign. Plus, we offer a promise: we'll work tirelessly until we secure a minimum of 8 valuable backlinks for your campaign.
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Do you offer refunds if I'm not satisfied with the service?
Unfortunately, we do not issue refunds due to the high value and intensive nature of our work. However, we always strive for 100% customer satisfaction and work around the clock until we deliver the 8 links that we guaranteed.
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